How to Read a Tire Sidewall
Courtesy Coker Tire Company

Aspect Ratio/Series Number:
The height and width relationship of the tire. Determined by dividing a tire's section height by the section width. For example: the section height of GS70-14 is 70% of the section width.
Section Height:
The tire's section measured from the rim seat to the outer tread surface of an inflated tire.
Cross Section:
The linear distance between the exteriors of the sidewalls of an inflated tire.
The specialized area of a tire designed to mate with the rim flange.
Bead Seat:
The horizontal surface of the rim where the bottom of the tire bead contacts the rim.
Rim Diameter:
The diameter of the rim at the bead seat.
Tread Width:
The portion of the dread design that comes in contact with the road.
Overall Diameter:
The linear distance between the exterior tread surface from the ground to the top of the tire.
Load Capacity:
The maximum weight a tire can support.