Electric Fuel Pump Cut Off
By Norm Brinkmeyer

While I was doing some modifications to my engine, I decided to remove the leak and failure prone mechanical fuel pump on my '57. Since I was planning to install an electric windshield motor, the vacuum portion of the pump would not be needed anyway.

I was aware of the safety issues of having the fuel pump running as long as the ignition was on. The solution was to design an electronic fuel pump controller that works as follows:

When the ignition is switched on, the controller powers the fuel pump for ten seconds and then switches off.

The controller then monitors the oil pressure light.

When the engine is started the controller does not send power to the fuel pump until the oil pressure rises and the oil pressure light turns off.

The controller continues to monitor the oil pressure light and will cut power to the fuel pump when the oil pressure is lost and the oil pressure light turns on.

There are no switches to throw or buttons to push, the system is totally transparent to the driver.