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If you own, or have an interest in, 55-56-57 Thunderbirds we invite you to join us!! We're a friendly, family oriented group, that enjoys getting together strictly for fun. Our monthly meetings are at 9:00 A.M. on the second Saturday morning of each month at Jim's Restaurant, 9950 San Pedro, San Antonio, Texas. Drop in and meet the group and have a great breakfast with good people.

In addition to our regular monthly meeting we meet at 6 P.M. every Wednesday evening at Chesters Hamburgers on I.H. 10 in San Antonio. OOPS! There is one exception: the last Wednesday we have a "Birder's Night Out". This gathering is at a different restaurant each month as suggested by our members.

Almost every month (unless it is too cold or raining) we sponsor an activity designed to drive our T-Birds and give them a work out. This may be a day trip to have breakfast or lunch within a 50 mile radius of our city, or, it could involve a longer trek and overnight stay at a favorite spot. Many of these involve the T-Bird Clubs of Austin, Dallas, and Houston.

All members of our Club are urged to also join Classic Thunderbird Club International. This is our national Club which publishes an outstanding bimonthly magazine named the Early Bird. It contains articles on how to improve car performance, activities of a number of the local Clubs across the nation, advertisements by parts manufacturers and other news necessary to our hobby. Regional and National conventions bring T-Birders together from all over the U.S. and several foreign countries. You can learn more about CTCI at their website.

So come join us and join in having fun, fun, fun, till "daddy takes the T-Bird away!"

If you would like further information on our San Antonio Club, or just want to talk to a member, call or email one of the officers listed below:

President: Buzz Durio 210-213-1984
Vice-President: Walt Cole 210-314-1459
Secretary: Cheryl Busald 210-971-7107
Treasurer: George Kiolbassa 210-648-3881